I’m a restless writer.
I write for my job, for my hobby, for my sanity.
Writing gives me a similar thrill that weightlifting does – exhausting but empowering, challenging yet freeing. It’s amazing to push our bodies, to see what we are capable of.
This is what writing does for me – I push myself to come up with something more creative, interesting, and insightful, to be my best self.
I haven’t always been a writer. My background is actually in science, but reading and
writing were always something I was interested in. I found enjoyment in reading, so much so that I started creating my own stories.
I had no clue what I was doing when I wrote my first short story in high school or when I started my first novel as a freshman in college. I just knew that I enjoyed the excitement of putting words together to create characters, images, and feelings that reflected what I was experiencing at the time. Things that others could relate to as well.
I feel that same excitement still with each word I write, so I write more, restless for the next story.
I write fiction and nonfiction, funny and sad, short and long. I write romance, mostly contemporary and new adult. I experiment with different writing styles. I write about writing, reflecting on my process. Through this process, I grow and pursue a goal I’ve had since eighth grade: to become an author.

With this blog, in addition to giving me yet another excuse to write, I want to share my writing journey with you in hopes it’ll inspire you to pursue your own dreams.

Stay restless in your pursuit of happiness,